Mentorship Rates

Since I utilize Video Analysis in almost every initial lesson whenever possible, my lesson rates are in 2-hour time blocks only. The initial session is $75.00 (for the 2-hour session). After the initial session, the rate for continuing students is then only $60.00/session.  If you want to bring a friend for a 2-student lesson, I will discount my rate to $50.00/session/person. I also provide Half-day and Full-day Clinics at a reduced rate for one to four people at a time, as well – call me directly with your specifics and needs and I will quote you a custom rate.  I am also working on organizing a periodic “Boot-Camp” session where returning students can review their skill-set for improvement as well as intensify their focus for major tournaments such as BCA nationals in July and other notable year-round events.

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