Mentorship Services

The ability to PLAY pool - since it is a game we learn to play - is not acquired, nor is it something innately inherent in us, despite many oft-heard phrases such as “he/she is a natural”,  or they are “born with the talent”.  Instead, a great pool game is like the most enduring and lasting of architectural structures… it is built from the ground up and requires the most solid of foundations and fundamentals upon which to grow.

The Practice Phase

The second phase/level of our pyramid is the PRACTICE PHASE.  Here, we identify, recognize, and take ownership of personal the recurring patterns and shots that repeat themselves time and time again.  We develop our personal Table and Game Management philosophy where we incorporate practice drills that mirror game situations and track the measureable outcomes in order to identify any lingering weaknesses and take the opportunity to turn them into strengths. We also review your fundamental stroking skills and build more advanced skills as your game grows.  Your mental game continues to harden and toughen as you increasingly challenge and escalate your practice routines to higher levels, all in preparation for the mental attitude necessary to empower a winning attitude for the final phase, a real life opponent!

The Playing Phase

And the “real game” situation is now the PLAYING PHASE – the day you actually go out and apply your honed skill-set in a game situation against all competitors - be it League night, tournament night, social night, or action night.  Here is where your preparation and the building blocks of your pool pyramid come to bear light at the apex!   This is where you get paid for the work you have done !!.

The Training Phase

I liken my lesson structure to that of building a solid pool pyramid. You must first start with the very base of the foundation – the TRAINING PHASE – in which we break down, analyze and fine-tune your basic stroke through modern video analysis.  At the same time, we educate and train about the Standard Fundamentals, such as the properties and physics and of colliding spheres, the multiple aiming systems employed (which are my personal specialty)  and the strategies and techniques of cue ball positioning.

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