Some Links You Might Enjoy

Richard Chudy Cues - I've been playing with Ricks cues for 17 years.  Check out his web site.  A superb craftsman and a great friend.

Bay Area Crown Billiards  - My home room in San Ramon, California.  Check out Russ and Kevin's site for local league news.

Diablo Valley Pool League - Home page of the Contra Costa bar leagues, and 3 combined BCA Las Vegas Champions !  Please visit Cony and Tina's home page.

Master's Pool School  - BCA Master Instructor Randy Goettlicher's home page....where the finest instructors come from !

StrokeAnalyzer Software  - An excellent tool that keeps getting better. Visit Bob Jones' site.

BigWin  - Home page of the Livermore 8-ball league news.

Hard Times Billiards - Sacramento  - Probably the finest action room in Northern California.

PBIA Web site – Find an instructor anywhere in the U.S.

Generation X – One of several BCA Sponsored web sites.

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