My mentorship program is the culmination of the very best of influences that many people have had in my own personal development as a player and instructor. All have had a hand in what is important to me as vital knowledge, strategy, techniques, and principles to the games of 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, Snooker, Straight Pool, and One Pocket, and the great game of Life that we all play every day and should never take for granted.  For these reasons, I would like to thank the following…

Tom Butler (MY very first mentor) ,the late “Filipino” Gene Ventura, the late Dave “Piranha” Piona, the late George Tanner,  BCA Master Instructor Randy Goettlicher, and most importantly, the incomparable (and retired) Hal Houle whose 2 years of mentorship in aiming systems changed my game forever and brought me rapid success as well as the many lives of others whom he has touched. Thanks to Hal, I have mastered, utilize and teach several aiming systems which will immediately impact and improve ANYBODY’S game !   And of course, beyond all doubt, to my wife Sharon who has supported me in every road I have traveled singularly in pool, and together with her in this wonderful game of life.

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